1. E+L® was retained by a Canadian firm for 6 months 2013/2014 to provide East Africa's oil and gas sector information. The firm is one of the world's leading providers of oil and gas trainings to the upstream, midstream and downstream sectors with clients including developers such as ExxonMobil, GASCO, Shell and Duke Energy. We provided the following services:

a. Gathered market intelligence on training needs required by the industry in order to develop an upstream common core curriculum for the oil, gas & energy sectors;
b. Facilitated relevant strategic partnerships in the Oil & Gas sector, academia and development partners;
a. Client introductions and liaison & high level contacts at the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy and other oil and gas sector agencies;
b. Provision of major oil and gas companies with East Africa development plans;
c. Coordinated a series of meetings in-country with the oil and gas stakeholder representatives.

2. E+L® introduced a National Oil Corporation and an International Drilling Company to a Technical University for engagement in the set-up of drilling courses locally.


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